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Hospital Care (Part A)
Covers inpatient hospitalization services.
Subject to a hospital deductible and daily cost-sharing amounts.
Free for most eligible beneficiaries.

Doctor Office Visits (Part B)
Optional coverage subject to premium payments.
Covers 80% of most approved medical expenses after a small annual deductible.
Premiums are based on your income.

Prescription Drugs (Part D)
An optional government program offered by Medicare contracted private insurers.
A large variety of plans are available, so it is important to confirm how your medications will be covered.
Premiums are based on income and vary greatly based on plan design.

Medicare Supplemental Plans (Medigap)
Optional coverage offered by private insurance companies.
These are not government plans but are designed to supplement Medicare A and B coverages.
A variety of plans are available from insurers, but they are standardized making it easier to compare.
Premiums vary slightly from company to company based on plan design.


Medicare Advantage (Part C)
Replaces the traditional plans listed above with one “all-inclusive” health plan.
A large variety of plans offered through Medicare-approved private insurance companies.
All plans are required to provide the same benefits that are covered under traditional Medicare.
Most plans include additional benefits, such as dental, vision, and hearing.
Not all doctors participate with Medicare Advantage plans, so it’s important to confirm if yours do.
Premiums vary greatly based on plan design but can be as little as zero in certain areas.
You must still pay your Medicare Part B premium.


Before you decide on which option (and what plan within these options) is best for you, get professional advice from a professional with extensive knowledge on Medicare planning.

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